Mount Hedgehog via U.N.H. Trail

Part of the 52 with a View, this trail lines the outside of the North East part of the Sandwich Range Wilderness Area in the White Mountain National Forest. This trail had constant views and looked out into the bowl of the Sandwich Wilderness Range almost the entire time with many view points.

When looking South from Mount Hedgehog, you see nothing but wilderness, with no man made structure in site. Leaves were all turning with the Fall temperatures.

The trail was wet and slippery in area, especially coming down West to East, there was a lot of water on the trail headed down, pooling up and flowing in areas as well. There were few people on the trail until coming down, then there was a lot of people. The Kancamagus was swamped with hundreds or even thousands of people during the long weekend.

Hikers: Jon, Lizzy, & Gracen

Time In: 8:11

Time Out: 12:07

Walking the UNH trail at the beginning

Looking North East Passaconaway town (not Mountain)

Looking South from Mount Hedgehog on the East Ledges

North East towards Passaconaway town again, from just past the East Ledges.